What Are The Current Design Trends For Bathrooms?

maple grove mn bathroom remodelAre you thinking about remodeling the bathroom in your house sometime this year? There are several bathroom trends that are gaining traction and they are not only predicted to be around for a while, but they will also raise the overall value of your home while providing you with a space that you can relax and enjoy.

Choose A Bigger Space

In today’s modern bathrooms, especially the master bathrooms, they have become much more than just functional spaces. It feels nice to get comfortable and be pampered after a long work week, and that can be challenging when you have a small bathroom space.

If there is any space in your bathroom that you are not currently using, you can also expand the bathroom to increase the amount of usable bathroom space. This will improve the bathroom and provide you with the luxurious and comfortable space that you desire.

Clean Lines

Clean lines have become the preferred look in the modern bathroom. The truth is, a clean and polished look will never be outdated when it comes to bathrooms. The reason why is because it complements the overall function of the bathroom very well. When there are simple shapes in the bathroom for the eyes to focus on, your eyes can actually rest while the troubles of the day float away.

Include Natural Wood

When there is wood in a bathroom, it immediately makes the bathroom feels warmer. It not only makes the bathroom more inviting, it makes the space cozier, updated and more stylish.

Include Natural Stone

Natural stone can also improve the aesthetics of a bathroom. Adding colored marbles can really bring a different element to your bathroom, and they can easily be placed in the bathroom via accessories.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Terrazzo

This is a composite material that consists of materials such as marble and quartz. It is a material that will make your shower floor look absolutely stunning, and it can be installed in place of regular tile. There are several different types that you can choose from, and each type is beautiful and will look wonderful in the space.

Stand-Alone Tubs

Stand-alone, or free-standing, tubs have not only been designed to be a functional bathroom fixture, but they have also become a decorative object on their own. You can various styles of these types of tubs available. From the beautiful marble stand-alone to the more recognized claw-foot tubs.

Water Barrier

The tub and the shower do not have to be separated in your bathroom. Thanks to a glass water barrier, the tub and the shower can share a space. This simple barrier will make your bathroom look and feel like a spa oasis.

Smart Technology

Technology has become a very important part of every aspect of our lives, including in the bathroom. For example, you can install a integrated touchscreen on the bathroom mirror that will allow you to adjust the lights. You can also use the controls to edit your playlist or check the outside temperature all from the comfort of the bathroom.

Unique Tile

You now have the option to choose bathroom tile that does not fade away among the other fixtures in the bathroom. You can now choose bold and bright tiles to the bathroom space. From solids, patterns, honeycomb, fish scales or other styles and patterns, you can choose what best suits your needs and individual style.

It does not matter if you are doing a complete bathroom renovation, or you are just looking to update some features, Uneek Builders will be with you every step of the way to get the right style for your space. Contact us today for a no-obligation quote.