Top 5 Reasons For Installing A Deck

deck builders maple grove mnYou are cuddled up in a blanket next while enjoy the toasty comforts of the fire as you roast marshmallows. It is one of the best ways to spend your Saturday evenings in the middle of the woods when camping. But you enjoy the same experiences at home, on your deck.

Moments like these are some of the reasons why some people add decks to their houses. The decking offers a space where family and friends can hang out and have some fun time. You can host a small group of people, grill out, have a party, entertain, or relax as you take in the pleasures of your outdoors.

1: It Can Serve As An Extra Entertainment Space
With a deck in your home, you will have more room for hosting people where they can hang out and get entertained. You will not have to stuff them in your kitchen, yet you need enough space in the same room for preparing food and drinks. The guests can gather around outside on the deck, where you could have a few essential pieces of furniture. As a result, you will free up more indoor space for other activities.

2: It Is Affordable
How can you increase your home’s square footage without breaking your bank account? Statistics show that the national average cost of standard home addition is roughly $200 per Sq. Ft. Conversely, the average cost of installing a new deck is approximately $30 per sq. ft. You do the math!

3: It Is Aesthetically Pleasing
Decks are an excellent addition to any home; they look great and exude a substantial aesthetic value. With an array of choices to consider when it comes to styles, you will have a variety of designs and details that can see you install something unique.

Try and image of home buyers scouring the neighborhood, and they come across your neighbors’ property but then notice you have a deck. They most likely will consider your home because of the decking.

4: It Can Help Improve The Value Of Your Home
Installing a deck in your home will help increase the value of your property, but it can also offer a significant return on investment. You can enjoy returns of nearly 85% on the investment costs of the project. That means the new decking that costs you around $10,000 can increase your home’s market value by a much as $8,500.

5: It Can Be Straightforward Installation
Most other home renovation projects tend to take longer compared to installing a deck. You can be done with the decking in as little as a few weeks. You can opt to tackle it as a DIY thing if you have the equipment and skills or consider hiring a reputable contractor that will complete the work within the shortest time possible.

Is It Time To Add A Deck To Your Home?

The benefits spell out reasons for considering installing this extra outdoor space as an extension of your home. The deck will be a great addition that provides more room for people to gather, relax, or be entertained.

If you are thinking of install one and you feel you are ready for it, we are the people you will want to call for the job. We will help increase not only the aesthetic value of your property but also its market value.