Things to Consider When Building a Deck


Deck Ideas

When you invest in a deck you are adding livable square footage, value and aesthetics to your home. There are a few things you may not consider when you start thinking about this new addition.

Things like ‘what is my budget?’ ‘how big will it be? and ‘what kind of material will be used in its construction?’ are great questions to start with.

Framing and Footings: Framing is done in green treat or pressure treated wood to maintain the structural integrity of the deck itself. This is a southern yellow pine wood type which is very strong and can hold much more weight than let’s say cedar which is a soft wood.

Footings have different options the most typical are the concrete bell footings and can range in shapes and sizes. There are new options for footings called Diamond Pier Footings, they include concrete and steel rods for extra stability and for added weight on the deck.

Decking Materials: Green treat, cedar, and composite are just some of the options you have to choose from. Check out this article at Better Homes & Gardens,  to help determine which option is best for your home and your budget.

Think about maintenance for your deck. How often do you plan on washing, painting or staining your deck. Washing your deck can be done as needed. Sealing, sanding painting or staining should be done every few years or as needed. This depends on sun exposure and other factors.

Design elements such as borders and diagonal decking are great ways to spice up an ordinary deck surface.

Railings: Here is where the fun starts. The amount of options you have for your deck are endless between colors, materials, and styles you can make any deck a feature to your home. Cedar, aluminum, wrought iron and PVC are some options for railings and balusters.

Features and Accessories: You can create designated areas on your deck like a grill station, built in benches or a swing, a fire pit or fire place, pergola or other overhead structures. Built in planters and landscaping can add greenery to your deck and help link to the deck to the yard.

Deck Lighting: Lighting your deck extends the time you use it. Illuminating the deck serves a few purposes: safety and aesthetics. Lighting can be added to stair treads, posts and post caps, railing lighting and many other options.