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deck builders maple grove mnA side yard or backyard offers a paradise of fresh air, natural light, plants, and flowers. An outdoor deck connects these two areas to add value to your home.

What a Deck Can Do For Your Home

A deck can be considered a natural extension of your home. It elevates users above the ground while offering a unique view of the property and beyond. It can also be a center of social life in the outdoors, a gathering place for barbecues, parties, or even peaceful solitude.

You can build decks to extend the time you spend outdoors. By doing this, they are essentially making your home larger.

Types of Decks

A freestanding deck, also called floating or ground-level decks, is generally built closer to grade than are attached decks. It’s best to build these outside decks alongside the house or within the yard.

Attached decks are more elaborate than free-standing decks, as they require special footings, use guards and handrails, and are attached to the house with a ledger board. Attached decks are typically built by a contractor or other professional due to their complexity.

Challenges During Construction

Construction is complicated by inclement weather, so tarping the deck during precipitation may improve conditions, but it’s not common for crews to use one. Additionally, frozen ground can delay digging of the holes for the footers. While late spring to mid-fall is the most comfortable time to build or renovate a deck, most deck builders work all year round. The trick to working in all seasons is to dig the footers prior to the ground freezing.

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