Bathroom Remodel Companies Near Me

Addition of a bathroom can help increase your overall happiness with your home, regardless of whether you’re considering selling in the future and want to boost its resale value or you just want a shower faster.

Think you don’t have space to add a bathroom to your house?

You may want to rethink it. Many experts say that a second or third bathroom can be added to any home, and you can do it with or without adding square footage.

Adding a full bath with a bathtub would require a 5 x 8 foot space. A half bath would require only a 3 x  6 foot space.

If you want a master bath, you can add it to an existing bedroom. Or you can add a bathroom to be shared by two bedrooms.

There could be up to 30 or 40 square feet of wasted space in your hallways alone. You could easily turn this wasted space into a small bathroom.

You can also repurpose the space from a bedroom closet or hallway linen closet by adding extra shelving. If you’re worried about losing storage, you can always add extra shelves to your bathroom or bedroom.

Consider putting a small addition on your home if none of these options seem feasible.

Taking a few square feet from your backyard is a small price to pay for an extra bathroom. Contact Uneek Builders today to see how we can help you.