2014 Winter Promotional Program

Basement Finishing and Remodel Special


There is a chill in the air, and you guessed it, winter is here. Time to move indoors and catch up with the family. If you’re feeling cramped in your own home, why not finish that unused basement? Basement finishing and remodels can create much needed space in your home. Keeping your family close this winter with Uneek’s design expertise, we can tackle any basement nightmare and turn it into functional and inviting space for you and your family to use year round. Your home is too important to put off any longer!

Uneek Design Build & Remodel has been dedicated to providing affordable Home Improvements and Remodels to Homeowners all year long. Each season we enjoy the opportunity to provide you with even MORE savings for those home projects you have been meaning to complete.

Our Seasonal Promotions only last a short time, so there is little time to waste!

Uneek’s Winter Promotion has arrived and the deals are too good to pass up. This year, we have expanded our savings program in our Basement Finishing and Remodels. We are proud to present you with MEGA savings on these services. Whether you are looking to finish a drab basement, upgrade with a remodel, or create more space for the family to enjoy during this indoor season. The Winter Promotional Program can save you hundreds of dollars towards that next home project.

The Winter Promotional Program includes discounts up to 5% off or up to $500 cash back bonuses when you decide to do your next home project with Uneek Design, Build & Remodel. And, if you sign before February 28, 2014, you can earn up to a $1000.00 towards your home project! What a deal! This has been our largest Promotion to date! And you won’t want to miss it!

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